What Is My EV Battery Size?

Check The Battery Size Of Your EV & Get The Right Membership For Your EV


38.7DFSK - EC35 or EC31
35.5Honda - E
38.3Hyundai - Ioniq
39.2Hyundai - Kona (39.2)
35.5Mazda - MX-30
32.6Mini - Electric
17.2Smart - Forfour
17.2Smart - Fortwo Cabrio


55.0Audi - Q4 E-tron 35 Sport
50.3BYD - M3e
50.3BYD - T3
50.0Citroen - e-Berlingo
50.2Foton - Iblue V6
50.2Golden Dragon - XML 5036
54.3Lexus - UX300e
52.5Maxus - e Deliver 3
50.3MG - 5 Excite
44.5MG - ZS
40.0Nissan - Leaf
50.0Opel - Combo-e
50.0Opel - Mokka-e
50.0Opel - Zafira-e
50.0Peugeot - e-2008
50.0Tesla - 3 Standard Rane RWD
50.0Toyota - Proace City
58.0Volkswagen - ID.3


71.0Audi - E-tron 50 Quattro
71.0Audi - E-tron 50 Quattro Advanced
71.0Audi - E-tron 50 Sportsback Quattro Adv
76.6BMW - iX 40
76.6BMW - iX 40 Sport
60.5BYD - Atto 3
71.7BYD - E6
71.7BYD - E6 Advance Edition
75.0Citroen - e-Dispatch
72.6Hyundai - Ioniq 5
74.0Hyundai - Ioniq 6
64.0Hyundai - Kona (64)
77.4Kia - EV6
66.5Mercedes Benz - EQA250
66.5Mercedes Benz - EQB250
66.5Mercedes Benz - EQB300
66.5Mercedes Benz - EQB350
61.1MG - 5 Exclusive
75.0Opel - Vivaro-e
78.0Polestar - 2 Long Range Dual Motor
78.0Polestar - 2 Long Range Single Motor
69.0Polestar - 2 Standard Range
79.2Porsche - Taycan 4S Performance Battery
79.2Porsche - Taycan Performance Battery
78.0Tesla - 3 Performance AWD
60.0Tesla - 3 RWD
78.0Tesla - Y Performance AWD
60.0Tesla - Y RWD
75.0Toyota - Proace Icon
77.0Volkswagen - ID.4
69.0Volvo - XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Plus


95.0Audi - E-tron 55 Quattro Advanced
93.0Audi - E-tron GT Quattro
82.0Audi - Q4 E-tron 40 S-line
93.0Audi - RS E-tron GT Quattro
80.7BMW - i4 Gran Coupe
80.7BMW - i4 M50 Gran Coupe
80.0BMW - iX3 M Sport
80.0Mercedes Benz - EQC400
90.0Mercedes Benz - EQE350
107.8Mercedes Benz - EQS450
107.8Mercedes Benz - EQS53
90.0Mercedes Benz - EQV300
93.4Porsche - Taycan Cross Turismo 4
93.4Porsche - Taycan Cross Turismo 4S
93.4Porsche - Taycan GTS
93.4Porsche - Taycan Turbo
93.4Porsche - Taycan Turbo S

Terms & Conditions

Operating Hours

Mon to Sat, 9am to 9pm. Excluding public holidays.

Service Area

Within Singapore only.

Service Location

Services are ideally carried out in sheltered car parks. However, no service will be performed in uncovered outdoor areas when it rains.


Charging operations must be conducted in compliance with traffic & safety regulations.


P.UP will rectify any damages caused by us during our services, excluding manufacturer defects.


A package is registered to a specific vehicle and is not transferable.

Minimum Charge

Any charge below 15kWh will be calculated at a standard 15kWh for billing purposes.

Maximum Charge

To preserve battery efficiency, all charging will cease at a maximum 80% of vehicle battery capacity.

Booking Period & Availability

Bookings should be made at least 2 hours before the time of service. Customers are encouraged to confirm bookings well in advance. All bookings are subject to availability.

Minimum service per visit

Minimum service per visit must include EV charging. For the avoidance of doubt, a customer cannot order a car wash, tire shine or vacuum without a charge.

Cancellation Policy

Customers are advised to give at least 60 minutes of cancellation notice. Otherwise, we will charge your booking in full.


Customers should ensure that their parked vehicles are easily accessible and, ideally with shelter.


During charging, customers are advised to remain contactable in the event access to the car is required.


If vacuum service is required, the customer shall empty their vehicle of bulky and personal belongings prior to service. We do not bear responsibility for any losses.

Service Fee

A service fee is required for non-members, depending on the package purchased.

Parking Fee

A maximum of $3 will be charged for services requested at car parks where parking fees are applicable.

Payment Processing

After each service, the customer will be informed of the total bill - consumed kWh and any applicable services rendered. Payment or credit deduction will only be transacted after the service is completed.

Unused credits

Unused credits are non-refundable at the end of this plan. However, they can be transferred to upcoming plans, which will be announced shortly.

Payment Method

We do not accept cash; please complete payment (where applicable) via: Pay Now - UEN No: 202210334W

P.UP reserves the right to change or amend these terms & conditions from time to time. By engaging us, you would have deemed to have read, understood and agreed to this document.