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What is your service time?
7.30am to 11pm, 7 Days a Week. Closed on public holidays.

What is your service area?
Within Singapore only.

What services do you provide?
EV Mobile Charging + Hand Wash + Tire Shine + Vacuum

How long does it take to charge my EV?
Typically it takes less than 1 hour, depending on your battery capacity.

Where should I park when P.UP arrives?
Ideally, you are parked at a (1) covered parking area (2) have an empty parking space next to you - for our mobile chargers to park.

Do I need to park at the washing bay?
Our hand wash services are a dry wash. So you do not need to park at a washing bay.

What do I do when P.UP arrives?
Our attendant will call / WhatsApp you when they arrive to unlock your vehicle. You can do this in person or unlock it via your EV app



How many bookings can I make?  
As many bookings as you want.

Can I reschedule or cancel bookings? 
Free, up to 1 hour before service time. 

Can my spouse use the App too?
Yes, you can register multiple secondary accounts.

Can I add a second car to the App?
Yes, you can add multiple cars. Packages purchased are not transferable between vehicles.

Do you charge for parking fees?
The first $2 is covered by us.

Why do I need to enter credit card details when I have a complimentary package? 
Your credit card will only be charged if there are incidentals, such as a parking surcharge, or if you order services outside of your inclusive package. 



Why is 30%-80% the ideal range? 
Lithium-ion batteries perform best when they operate in the 30%-80% charge range. Although it may take some extra planning, prolonging the time spent within that middle range may extend the life of your battery.

Why should I not charge to 100%?
Charging to full capacity is stressful on your battery. Leaving a battery at max charge for even relatively short periods can affect longevity.

Why should I not drain to < 30%?
Lithium-ion batteries prefer a partial cycle rather than a deep discharge or drain. Leaving your battery in a low level (below 30%) charge state for an extended period may also impact its life.

How often should I charge?
Do not charge your EV battery every day. Natural degradation may occur in the battery based on the number of charging cycles that are used over its lifespan. Charge when you are approaching 30%. 
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